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Can I repair a flat roof myself?

Back in the day, particularly when flat roofs were frequently made of a mixture of felt and bitumen, repairs were hazardous, complicated affairs. Thankfully, modern roofing technology means that, in some cases, it’s perfectly possible for an able householder to repair small leaks themselves. Whilst some forms of leak clearly call for a professional (for example multiple leaks, a complete re-roofing project, weakness in the substructure or a leak in an asphalt roof where heat treatment will be needed), smaller leaks in rubber membrane or EPDM roofs can usually be fixed by a competent amateur.

Painted on repairs are fast and effective

Recent advances in roofing technology mean that there are now several products on the market which can simply be painted on to a small leak in order to seal it. Provided you know what material your flat roof is made of, it’s simply a case of matching the product to the material, then applying the solution in liquid form to create a fast curing bond.  If you’d like to know more about the benefits of flat roofing you can read more on our website. Note that with some products the roof doesn’t need to be dry before work is carried out: this is a major benefit when on-going heavy rain has shown up a leak and a flat roofing repair in Wirral needs to be carried out immediately.

Fibreglass patches available for asphalt or tar

When soaked with an appropriate synthetic resin, a fibreglass patch can be applied across a larger leak to give a durable fix. There are also compounds available which can be used to shore up leaks in the waterproof tape which has been used to hold roof membranes in place.

An added top layer could increase the life span of your roof

If you want to optimise the chances of your roof remaining leak-free, why not add a top coat of waterproofing agent to provide additional protection?

Whilst there is no substitute for a professional roofer when it comes to the more complicated jobs, modern waterproofing compounds are now so sophisticated that they can be used for all sorts of repairs with relatively little difficulty. Give us a call to find out more about repairing your leaking roof and for a FREE, no-obligation quote.

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