How can you add roof windows to your property?

Homeowners in the North West are increasingly choosing to ‘improve’ rather than ‘move’. This includes making more use of space in attic rooms or even commissioning loft conversions.

Also, existing property extensions and even ‘outbuildings’ can become more comfortable and practical with the addition of high-level windows.

Roof windows are going to be particularly important if you plan to convert the upper levels of your home into living space. Adding skylights to your roofing helps to illuminate and ventilate existing rooms and spaces. This avoids the risk of home offices, extra bedrooms or playrooms relying solely on artificial light. Or, the possibility of them being uncomfortable to use due to being stuffy and airless!

So, what sort of things do you need to think about, when planning windows in roofing?

Are roof windows always practical?

Firstly, don’t let the construction and materials used in your property put you off. A reputable roofing firm can create new windows in many types of homes. This includes tiled and flat roof properties.

The trick is to explore all the options and find a size and type of window that suits your home and your ultimate goals. This could include considering different opening mechanisms and directions.

Can you retrofit in loft conversions?

Also, if you buy a property with an existing loft conversion, it can be possible to retrofit new velour windows if the existing light properties are inadequate.

Security and energy efficiency factors

One of the biggest concerns about adding additional windows to properties, by setting them into the roof, is security and insulation.

Rest assured that in the right hands, neither of these needs to be an issue. Modern design and manufacture of roof windows mean they can be easy to lock safely, and superb at keeping the cold out and the heat in!

Best roof window options

Much depends on the expertise used to install your new roof windows of course! The quality of the craftsmanship used to construct your chosen frames should be matched by a reliable level of professionalism in your roofing firm.

Contact the friendly team at One Source Roofing Services to find the ideal roof window or skylight for your home.

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