Reroofing & Roof Replacement


One Source Roofing are proud to be able to offer a complete reroofing service using our team of fully trained and experienced roofers. Whether your home needs a new roof or your new build needs a roof fitting, we’re here to help.

Having a new roof installed on your home does not only improve the outside appearance of your home and give it a more modern feel. But also keeps your home completely dry from weather and helps to hold heat in your home longer.

When it comes to reroofing there are several different types of tile/slate to choose from. Our experienced team of surveyors are able to provide you with some samples when providing you with your free quote and survey at your property.

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When reroofing your home which currently has slate it is up to you as the customer whether you wish to have your new roof replaced with slate again or new tiles. Regardless of your choice all reroofs will be completely stripped and old batten removed.

The roof is then covered with new breathable felt and battened down with new lengths of batten before being re-tiled or re-slated.

In today’s modern world the most popular option during reroofing projects is to replace existing slated roof with more efficient modern new tile. This is mostly due to pricing difference between slate and tile aswell as new tile offers more benefits for your home such as being more efficient and able to hold in more heat for your home, helping reduce energy bills.

roofers liverpool
roofers liverpool


If your looking to tile your home or property then it can be tough to decision on the type of tile to go for. However we are able to help and can offer a wide range of different colours, sizes, styles and textures to choose from. We’re confident we’ll be able to assist you when making your decision and will find something to suite your home.

All tiles offered are long-lasting waterproof and will compliment your homes appearance and structure for years to come.

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