Should I replace my felt roof with rubber roofing?

Anyone with felt roofing on a garage or extension appreciates that the lifespan may only be five to ten years. Of course, this lack of durability isn’t a problem if the only flat roofing at your property is over the garage. However, where flat roofing is a feature over existing building extensions, water intrusion and leaks can cause damage to the inside of the home and wooden joists in ceilings.

About leaky felt roofs on homes or commercial properties

You won’t always know when the felting on your flat roof actually fails. It’s typically the case that leaks or water damage show up on ceilings when there’s snow on the roof. That’s always bad news for the flat roofing repair guys!

It’s not all bad news nowadays, though. Rubber roofing has developed over the years and is now a tried and tested solution. Property owners can now access affordable rubber roofing, so it’s the perfect replacement for felt. Whether your felt roof is already showing signs of a leak or you just want to replace the felt before water damages your property, the benefits of rubber roof replacements for felt roofing include:

– Brilliant level of durability, with a potential roof life span of up to 50 years
– Nil to low maintenance requirement, depending on the situation
– Easy to repair, if needed
– Attractive finish

Why choose rubber roofing?

As you can see from the above, the durability of rubber roofing is probably its biggest sales point. This is a long-lasting roofing material that provides the highest quality performance throughout its lifetime.

What are the different types of rubber?

There are a variety of roofing rubbers on the market, and you should look for the thickest rubber if long lifespan and durability are required. Ideally, opt for a rubber roof material that’s at least 2.5mm thick as this will offer higher levels of resistance to punctures and tears, alongside great weather resistance.

Get in touch with One Source Roofing to find out more about brilliant rubber roof replacements for existing felt roofs or new builds.

Photo: Felt by pointnshoot licensed under Creative commons 4

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