Which sort of skylight is best for my roof?

Tired of living in darkness? Adding a skylight to your roof is a simple and effective way to bring more natural light into your home.

There are so many different types of roof lights available, which can make the task of choosing one rather daunting. To help make that decision a bit easier, here’s a look at the features and functions of some of the most popular types of skylight:

Flat skylights

Simple and functional, flat skylights are a great choice for flat roof extensions. They can also be installed with reinforced, walk-on glass, which makes them a practical option for basement skylights, or for a roof area that doubles up as a patio or terrace.

Skylight lanterns

If you want a skylight that also makes an interesting design feature, then a glass lantern roof is the perfect option. Their pitched structure and elegant frames will instantly improve both the interior and exterior appearance of any flat roof extension. Most roof lanterns are also made to order, so you can choose a frame style and colour which best complements the aesthetic of your home.

If you’re looking for something with all the architectural benefits of a lantern, but can’t afford to go bespoke, then why not consider a Skypod? The standard size units combine the functionality of a flat skylight with the design features of a lantern.

Pitched skylights

If you have a pitched roof, there are two main options that you might want to consider. You can opt for single-window units, which can be strategically placed underneath areas where you want to want to bring in some extra light. They would look stunning above a staircase or sitting area, for example, or even above a bathtub in an en-suite. If you want a pitched skylight that offers panoramic views, then your best option is to invest in a modular skylight – multi-pane units that can span the entire length of your roof.

Still unsure about which skylight is best for your roof space? Then the team at One Source Roofing Services is on hand to offer expert advice.

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