Why you need to refurbish that roof (Wirral study)

Why you need to refurbish that roof

There is nothing worse than a leaking roof on a lousy weather day. This is especially critical in an area like the Wirral where drastic weather changes are the norm. The roof is one structure of any building that endures a lot of stress put on it due to fluctuating weather conditions. Even with scheduled maintenance, there are instances where a re-roof will be necessary. This, however, does not mean that weather is the only primary reason as to why you should consider changing your roof. This article expounds on the various factors that can necessitate that roof renewal and remember we are expert Wirral roofers if you need help, for more information have a look at our post on how to find the best roofers in Wirral.

Naturally, roofs do get old 

While the process takes different time intervals for every brand of roofing materials, it is bound to happen. Continued stay undoubtedly does lead to wearing out and breakdown. Thereby, one should check out their roof after some time for wasted parts to be renewed. Usually, a roof that has lasted for 20 years or more requires a replacement. This ensures that debilitated roofing materials that are past their prime have been removed. Even more critical is a roof in an area like Wirral. The fluctuations in weather elements mean that roofs age prematurely here. Ice dams, moulds, and moss can lead to drastic shortening of the lifespan of your roof.

Conducting damage control after a severe storm

High winds throw large debris such as heavy branches onto your roof. Sometimes it can be heavy materials uprooted from other areas that can severely damage your roof. Storms themselves can tear away shingling and leave bare patches which require a new roof. Heavy hail can cause cracking of underlying sheaths and punch holes through the roof shingles. The shattering of skylights and damage to vents are other ways in which your roof can be affected by a massive storm. Any strong storm will weaken the core of your roof and do repairs just does not solve the problem.

Prevention of structural damages

It is unimaginable to think of what a leaking roof can do to your walls, wood or steel on your building. It can enhance the rusting of the iron and also rotting of the timber at an unprecedented rate. This compromises the integrity of your facility. Great dangers are bound to occur in such a building. The other loss is when you have to incur costly repairs.

Protection of the building’s interior

Ask yourself what is more valuable? The worth of the contents of your structure or the costs to be incurred replacing the roof? How much loss could you suffer if waters drip in on your equipment or other delicate items housed in your building?

Reduce the stress of constant repairs

When you repair, it means that you have just postponed the problem. It will occur again when you are not even ready to deal with it. This will still require you to perform another maintenance and incur more costs. When this happens frequently, the total expenses incurred reroof.

Increase the value of your home

There is nothing more appealing on the exterior of a house than a brand new shiny roof. It immediately enhances the look and raises the resale value of the building. This applies to rooftops that are nearly reaching their lifespan but already look rugged. The one neat trick to jumpstart its value and put it back on the market is by replacing the roof. A significant number of homeowners are attracted to properties with refurbished roofs. The reason for this is because they consider the house a better deal since they would not require replacing the roof sooner. A roof replacement also ensures that your home gets better chances of passing the roof inspection.

Remodeling makes your home more beautiful

Think of that new roof design out in the market. How do you fancy it in your house? The beauty added when an old look is changed into a more modern one is definitely worth the effort. It can be even to test out that latest roofing product or material you like so much. This will involve changing the roofline and new roof installation. When the new and old roof parts don’t look good together, it is wiser to replace the whole roof.

The above reasons show why it is merely enough to conduct scheduled roof maintenance. There will be instances where a new roof will be the best option you can take.

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